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Easy Sock Hop Cupcake Stand Tutorial & Party Pics

Sunday, August 23, 2015

 My friend hosted a sock hop inspired party for her daughter's 10th birthday.
Here is a quick & easy cupcake stand I made for the party.

Here's what you'll need:
1. Four old record albums from the flea market (I got mine 4 for $1)
2. One small & one medium clear plastic bowl from the dollar store.
3. Pink spray paint. Black craft paint
4. Rick-rack
5. E-6000 glue & hot glue gun
6.Scrap book paper
5. Wooden poodles (Lindhal Woodcrafts Ebay)

 Let's get started:

1.Begin by gluing two albums together, repeat with the other two. Set aside to dry.(Using the two albums makes the stand a little stronger)

2. Spray paint the INSIDE of the clear plastic bowls, ( I used Krylon, Ballet Slipper) let dry. Paint the wooden poodles black.

3. Turn bowls upside down & glue albums to the bowl bottoms with E-6000.

4. Cut a circle of scrap book paper to cover the center. Use hot glue to attach rick-rack trim to the edge of album and around center circle. Poke hole in center.

5. Attach poodles with E-6000. (TIP: after applying E-6000 to back of poodles add a dot of hot glue for an instant hold while the E-6000 is drying)

Here are my pink poodle cupcake toppers using the same wooden poodles I used on the stands.
Simply painted pink with a bit of glitter & pompoms.
I made a number "10" dog tag by printing a sheet of 10's & punching out with a hole punch.

 Birthday girl on the right with her sister.
My friend and I made felt poodle skirts for each party guest with the exception of the birthday girl's skirt, which was purchased on-line.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and fries were served on these adorable plates.
There were ice cream sodas & milkshakes too!

The girls enjoyed a photo shoot in a classic car from the 1950's
and below is my beautiful granddaughter in her pink poodle skirt....
hamming it up for her photo op.

 photo sig_zpsd8806c3a.jpg

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