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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Now that my new kitchen is complete I have been in a "Nesting" mode.
Two months of living in construction chaos will do that to a you!

If any one asks me for advice it would be to stay positive & organized the best that you can.
To keep organized.....
I set up a table in the living room with a hot plate & electric skillet.
I placed a metal shelf close by with everything I would need to prepare a meal.
Went to Home Depot and purchased boxes to pack everything else away.
We had to use all paper products since the only sink option was the tiny powder room.
(Some people may have the luxury of a laundry room with sink, I wasn't one of them)

My husband & I are vegan so we prefer to eat in instead of out....
I prepared dinner every night in my make shift kitchen. 
(Yeah, kind of proud of that!...
some days I really wanted to cry tho!!)

Staying positive?
Not easy some days. 
There was so much sheet rock dust one afternoon the smoke detector went off!
But for the most part I kept my eye on the prize.
Everyday was a little more progress & I managed to enjoy the journey.
I also felt so much gratitude that I was lucky enough to finally have my dream kitchen.

The hardest part for me was when we were in the home stretch.
Once everything is in place, cabinets, appliances, etc. 
It is time for the counter top people to make their template.
Then it was a two week wait.
You could actually hear the crickets chirping.
I had use of my stove, but no sink until the counter tops were installed.

My contractor & I worked together to design this kitchen. 
Thank you Frank, FTJ Builders
I have an old 1920's Tudor home so we worked with the space we had.

When we first discussed renovating the kitchen Frank gave me time to really think about what I wanted.
At first I wanted to jump right in...but having that time was so valuable. 
More advice? 
As much as you "want it right now" Take the time to plan you won't be sorry.

If I had to pick my favorite thing in the new kitchen it would be hard...I do love the shelves tho.
I ordered the floating shelf brackets from Kevin at Silicate+Studio on etsy
Frank made it all work and I did the finish using minwax Early American stain, 
a high gloss poly & a little distressing.
They are utilitarian as well as a fun place to add seasonal decorations, collections 
and my flea market finds!

One of the choices I made was to not do a hardwood floor.
I actually had hardwood in my old kitchen but I wanted a vintage feel to go with the house.
This is right up there with one of my favorite things EVER.

Even on a cloudy day or at night the kitchen feels light
I even had someone ask me if the floor was authentic to the house. 
Mission accomplished.

 My old kitchen was closed off from the rest of the house. 
Frank's first vision was to open it up to the dining room. 
It was the jumping off point & the rest of the kitchen just fell into place.

Floor to ceiling pantry space.
The color I chose for the walls is Benjamin Moore "Colorado Gray"
It is more blue than gray but I like the way it makes the white pop
(Below is a door to a small powder room off the kitchen)
The color looks different in these two photos because of the light different times of the day.

Thank you for taking the time to tour my kitchen!
If you are planning a project & have any questions...just let me know!

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