Still Junkin' in January

Friday, January 8, 2016

Come see what I found......

Feeling lucky to be able to go to the flea market in January. 
The last couple of winters in NJ have kept us inside....
tucked away from the single digits and snow.
Weather is still cold...but all you need is a warm coat & a pair of gloves.

I spent $10.50 today!
*I always pick up these satin dividers to store my vintage jewelry.
*A plastic bag filled with old plastic wedding cake decorations
*A great book to use the pages for crafting projects
*Little jewelry box with aqua velvet lining
*A old woven rug.
*An aqua wall phone 

Love this rug. 
Such great condition & it is perfect for my kitchen & seriously? $4.00

Okay...I know...this is really a hot mess!!!!

For starters, I am going to remove it from this hideous piece of plywood
Then...use a lot of elbow grease to try to clean it up.
I might need a box of Mr. Clean magic erasers.
I figured for $3.00 it was worth the gamble to see if it comes clean
Gotta love that gorgeous aqua color.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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